Empowering Creative Writers and Journalists
Excerpts from Baalu Girma
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Our Mission & Strategy

The mission of Baalu Girma Foundation is to empower journalists and creative writers. The Foundation believes that the creative writing and journalism disciplines play vital roles in our lives: creative writers help enrich our imagination and add to our understanding of the human experience while journalists present us with accurate and reliable information upon which we can make informed decisions - to mention a few reasons. By working with creative writers, journalists, or aspiring students who need important resources, we believe we are in a unique position to make a difference.

To carry out the mission of the Foundation, we have developed several programs in the following areas:

  • Distance learning opportunities
  • Professional development program
  • Internships
  • Scholarships

As we advance the mission of the Baalu Girma Foundation, we believe the following guiding principles will be important:

  • Passion for what we do and relentless pursuit to be better
  • Working with those who are committed to their own success and believe in giving back to society
  • Building an organization that encourages learning and innovative thinking
  • Integrity, embracing diversity, and enterprising attitude.

The Foundation’s management team will employ the following strategies to accomplish the mission and goals of the organization:

  • Strategic partners
  • Acquiring, developing, and maintaining leadership talent
  • Working with clear and measurable goals
  • Adopting innovative methodologies