As we continue…


First, we would like to express our appreciation for your support and great interest in the foundation over the past three weeks. The kind remarks, encouraging words, and pledges you have made are invaluable. 


Please note that we have added a commentary page to the foundation’s website.  In this section, among other items, you will find short write-ups on Baalu Girma’s work by readers like you.    


We are also offering a Webinar course to two journalists living in Ethiopia.  The Webinar is designed for journalists interested in making their writing more effective and persuasive. The course is taught by Michael Schwartz, a guest speaker at Poynter Institute, and a former manager of editorial training for Cox Newspapers.  For Webinar details and guidelines on how to attend, please check the Baalu Girma Foundation - Journalism program page.


The foundation is also actively working on profiling scholarly works pertaining to Ethiopian literature.  The intent is to provide readers with increased awareness and opportunity to appreciate the richness of Ethiopian literature.  Please stay tuned. 


Once again, thank you for your support.  Please continue to share your thoughts and comments.  Working together, we can achieve great things. 


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    It would be nice if you guys have facebook…these days networking sites such as facebook and myspace are becoming very effective.


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