Deadline Approaching

The closing date of the 2009 East African Talent Contest is August 31, 2009. Interested participants please submit your entries to For competition guidelines and other details, you may visit the foundation’s Creative Writing page by clicking here.

Additionally, an interesting article is posted in the foundation’s commentary page. “Baalu Girma and Socialist Veracity” is written by Alemayehu Gelagaye and published on Addis Admass, an Amharic newspaper published in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The article attempts to define the transformation of one Ethiopia’s prolific writer Baalu Girma from an intellectual who understood the historical inevitability of the collapse of the monarchy to a dismayed sympathizer of those who declared themselves agents of change but failed to understand the destruction they are about to unleash over the whole nation. The writer claims Baalu accomplished this amazing feat through the protagonists of the three books he wrote during the revolution. To read more, click here

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