We are excited that you are here. Please take a moment now to browse and learn more about the foundation and ways you can get involved. But before you move on, please allow us to express a few words of appreciation.

Nothing great is achieved alone. Baalu Girma was that rare individual with a talent for great writing and imagination. But it is also your love for the person and his writing that has made it possible to preserve his legacy. We can’t thank you enough for your loyalty!

Every good and unfinished work must continue, however. And you too can be a part and make a difference.

This foundation is dedicated to future generations.

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill

We look forward to the future with great enthusiasm.

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  1. mtefera@msn.com says:


  2. MA says:

    After I bought the book for 176.00 Birr in a black market (while my monthly earning was less than the amount I paid for), I always have had Bealu’s book, Oromay next to my bed light, for about 4 or 5 years. And, I almost every day read a paragraph or two, and I always see not only literary beauty, but also an innocent, open, straight forward and on the top of all, a person who loves his country and people and his profession.

    Again, I am proud to tell the world that I have been reading Oromay as many others do read a Bible or Kuran every morning.

    His families should never mourn his death; Baalu has a life more than life.

    Thank you for forming this foundation.
    Mezgebu Abegaz

  3. Baheilu says:

    I still vividly remember, after 25 years, reading Derasiw and wishing to become a Derasi. I am sure, I am not the only one who was influenced by this book. For me, it is one of the most important books. When I went to Ethiopia, from US, I bought the book and it is sitting in my book shelf. Also, I read Oromay when it was banned by the Derg regime and I was still in a high school. If I am not mistake, at that time Oromay was the only book that gave us accurate pictures of the on going civil war. I can also proudly say that, I read all Baalu books when I was in a high school.

    WE (Ethiopia) Still LOVE YOU !!!

    Rest in Peace Ato. Baalu and May God bless Your Soul!!!

  4. Dejazmatch says:

    This is a wonderful site, for those of us who admire one of our react Ethiopian writers. Ato Baalu Girmar had an extraordinary talent with his pen. Even the Derg government approving him to write their experiences with the civil war, and then mysteriously disappears with many question marks about his fate.
    Please tell us more about his life, his up bring ,education and inspiration and most of all some of us to this day missed the opportunity to read, probably his last book Oromay, Is it still available, if so where one could obtain a copy?.

    Thank you, God blesses.

  5. JofeAmoraw says:

    What’s up!
    This is wonderful, I got the info from the ESAI people. Absolutely wonderful…what can I do to help? I’ve always wanted to do some sort of presntation on youtube about him to bring his work to the public that’s never heard of him. I can do a little clip on him/his work (in fact i got some pieces) if anybody wants o contribute fotos/audio etc or anything let me know please. send me a message through the youtbe channel

  6. Naomi says:

    I am actually only eleven, and I was born and still live in America….but this means the world to me. It saddens me that when I visit every two years, i can’t discuss with my aunts how Ethiopia needs a new ruler!!! I am entering the poetry contest and I gurantee you i will at least get an honorable mention. Poetry is my life and I have poems being judged at state level right now. I may only be eleven but there are authors that are 7 right now so i am going to be another child sensation!!! xoxo…naomi((:

  7. solomon says:

    Bealu is a dedicated professinal and true patriot. I thank those who made this foundation on his name. I understand your motive to promote freedom in Ethiopia. but we shouldn’t forget to find the truth how this remarkeble person disappered. I think someone somewhere knows. I hope this website might help to find the truth and move on.
    Best regards!

  8. Girum says:

    Dear All (Baalu’s family),

    I read all the books by Baalu multiple times and I still remember quotes from most of the books. Well I liked all the books. Keadmas bashager, yehilina dewel, yekey kokeb tiri, derasiw, hadis and oromay. It feels good to talk about him. I am sorry that you lost this wonderful husband and father. The loss actually was ours too. The country lost one of its difficult to replace sons. God bless his soul.

    If there is a forum, I will be happy to attend and learn more about him.

    God bless you all.

  9. mtefera@msn.com says:

    Many thanks to all members of BAALU’S family. may God the almighty comfort and keep you. How can I order his books, I lost OROMAY 18 years ago while I was on vacation, i lost other valuables but the book of Baalu is the only possession lost that caused me a lot of pain. Please let me know where to purchase, not just OROMAY but, all his books.

    Many thanks and God bless

  10. Sisay A. says:

    I am from Ethiopia. I am not only from Ethiopia,what makes me happy with the start of the foundation is the fact that my birth place is exactly the same with honorable late Baalu Girma. I want to thank his daughter Meskerem for coming up with such a wonderful initiative to remember Baalu. It is a great start and I hope this foundation will reach thousands of Baalu’s foot steps followers in both academic excellence and literary areas though the “unique Baalu” is irreplaceable. He is a role model. People like him will come in to being for the future. And indeed I am very happy with the foundation. Baalu had a unique God-given talent. Baalu is not only the son of Ethiopia, he is a son of Africa and the world. He needs to be honored and remembered by all. Though we missed him at his very earliest age, His works will continue to live…

  11. Dear Meskerem,

    You did a very great work i.e. I do not have words how to express my appreciation about the Foundation. It is a great opportunity to enable his reputation real in this mysterious world. I like Baalu Girma very much and I feel very happy about his Foundation; really he is still alive because of his great works what we have in our hands.

    Best regards,
    Almaz Demessie,
    Agro meteorologist,
    Meteorological Research and Study Team Leader
    E-mail almzds@yahoo.com
    Tel 251 911 197120
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  12. It is a great idea and honour to have a website for such a vibrant ethiopian and for me to be able to comment as well. I will follow updates of the foundation via the website.Bealus death is something we cant change but his spirit will live through his work.

    My deep Ethiopian Respect to Bealu Girma as well as the managers of the foundation.

  13. Laike Misikir says:

    This is a major milestone. His legacy lives through the work he did and all who recognize his contribution. My best wishes for a successful future of this foundation.
    Laike Misikir
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  14. Seilay says:

    I read ‘Oromay’ in the 1980s. I did not sleep the whole night in order to finish it because I had to return it the next day. One book had to circulate among hundreds of people, each person can have it only for one night. The fact that it was banned by government made it more interesting, having the book just for one night by itself was a clandestine operation. I was very proud of myself for the achievement of having and reading the book even for one night. I still vividly remember the characters like the seilay, one of fighters who fought the Derg or the crazy woman in Asmera with five dogs. (She did exist exactly the way he described her. Along with same friends I did find and spoke to her, we were young and in high school) I remember how he described realistically the way the war was going. It was impossible for me to believe how objective and realistic the book was. Baalu Giram was a good one hundred years ahead of his time and his own country was not ready for men with brain like his.

  15. Surafel says:

    Good work. It’s an important first step to remember and celebrate the lives of all Ethiopia’s giant writers.
    I have read some of his books but it has been a while and i want to read them again. Where can I buy all his books ? please suggest.

    Surafel, Cleveland

  16. Icy says:

    Baalu’s great work using his precious pen on the paper had the ability to enforce the readers mind to float on the water as we read all his books. The modesty of his languages which I have never forget to use them in my relationship and got the appreciation and attraction as a cool guy. Baalu in our modern time is the coolest writer with high level of classic style. Baalu had the ability to bring every readers mind to take them outside the country and bring them back to their root and also he introduced us in any format the life of being single, modern, love of family, and also in a way showed us to pay our due to the society. Baalu’s work, professionalism, style, visionary and mentor to the society were beyond any measurement.

  17. Abebe Kinfu says:

    Dear Meskerem,

    This is a brilliant start. Your dad’s invaluable contribution to the development of the Ethiopian literature and social transformation in our country had been immense. I believe Baalu’s pionering literal work,his style and his personal conviction to live up to his profession would no doubt continue to inspire generations. As Baalu had been an important sourse of influence for many, I am sure your effort will help the future generation to benefit from and to commemorate and give due prominence to his work.

  18. This morning ,my colleque told me to visit “Baalu ’s Foundation” and I did it .How can I express my feeling?

    I never and ever use the word “We lost him” .Because he always living within the heart of all Ethiopian people.

    But I just want say”What left with him?” Because,he gave us his works above all his precious life .

    Anyway,he is lucky to have such a wonderful,courageous daughter .
    I hope that not only Ethiopian but all who are involved in works of Art will be inspirated by the foundation.
    My appreciation to Meskerem,who makes the name “Baalu “to live longer with in us.
    Thanks to God,God bless you.
    Zemenay from Ethiopia

  19. eden desalegn says:

    it is very sad ,that we lost such kind of lovely ethiopian novelist–I think from the view of litrature ,one can tell that we have gone many years back, sad sad
    and i think we have to cooperate with familly of B.Girma to pubishe the rest his works.
    God bless his soul!!

  20. To Bealu with love and gratitude, from Eritrea says:

    I thank the BG foundation for giving us the chance to share our love and admiration to one of the greatest African writers, Ato BeAlu Girma. It has been almost two decades since I started reading Bealu’s books. Though as ficition buff, I have read numerous other books of literature, I am still mesmerized and captivated by the unique, prodigious talent of this Ethiopian genius.

    I am from Eritrea; he is Ethiopian. In fact, he is one of the rare breed, to talk of peaceful resolution, exposing the inherent cruelty of war. I should boldly add we, Eritreans, also deserve to pay him a homage for bringing the Eritrean issue to a fore and for his uncompromisng stance on peace. For that, he paid a huge price: his won life.

    Personally, I have read many books on my hometown, Asmara, written by Eritreans, and foreigners. But nobody has revealed and beautified it as Bealu Girma. In ‘Oromay’, his love and affection for ‘Semenawit Kokeb’, is touching, enduring.

    More personally, (if there is such a thing), I am still haunted by his greatest work ( I believe), ‘Derasiw.’ A thinly- veiled account of his close-friend and bohemian giant, Sibhat G/egziabhier, the masterpiece is congolmerate of beautiful and effortless language, engaging drama, humor, and undying message.

    Bealu’s life and death is epitomized in that phrase, the writer in ‘Derasiw’, Sirak, repeats, fondly.

    ‘Hiwot Achir/ Kinet regim’ ‘life is short/ art lives on.’

    Through his works, Ato Bealu Girma lives on the memories of all he touched.

    God bless his soul, and his family.

  21. it was on my teenage days i started reading Baalus books along with my mom.I was so impressed by his way of writing and even his mistirious disappearance .till then i became number one fan of this great person i can say he is my hero .i still have his books in my collection and his books are the only amharic novels i have currently.just wanna congradulate his family on this huge move.and if i get a chance to be part of it i am here to be in it!

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