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Sept 2009: Michigan State University Thanks Baalu Girma Foundation
June 2009: The Baalu Girma Foundation Establishes Scholarship

We are happy to announce that the foundation has established the Baalu Girma Scholarship at Michigan State University, East Lansing - Michigan where Baalu received his master’s degree in Political Science and Journalism. Similar efforts are being pursued to establish scholarship programs in Ethiopia. The purpose of the scholarship program is to offer financial assistance to academically promising journalism and creative writing students in Ethiopia and those living abroad dedicated to making a difference in the country.

Supporting the next generation of creative writers and journalists is a great responsibility. These are the people who help us appreciate our humanity, ask tough questions on our behalf, and record our history for future generations. Promoting academic opportunity is one of the objectives of this foundation – and we are confident you will join us in this effort by financially supporting the scholarship program. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help make a difference.

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