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Independence or societal expectations...Can the two co-exist? Through varied ages, backgrounds and personalities of four central characters (Abera, Hailemariam, Lulit and Ato Abate), Baalu succeeded in capturing the morale dilemmas of the new generation and the overall social and cultural conflicts of the time. Now in its 8th edition, Ke-Admas Bashager is being considered a model and being used to teach Amharic literate in colleges and universities in Ethiopia.


Haddis, a 2nd year university student, takes a year off to teach so he can support his elderly mother. Fate takes him to Supe, a place he never knew it existed. Though his assignment at St. Mary’s School is brief, he can’t ignore the dilapidated buildings, shortage of teaching materials and, the ugly bureaucracy. Frustrated and unable to find an immediate solution, Haddis decides to take action— to build a new school in the place of the old. In this astonishing story, Baalu shows the journey of a courageous young man in a distant land who is determined to change his world for the better.


Baalu revisits Ye’ Helina Dowel in this great sequel. This time, the story takes place on the eve of the 1974 revolution. Change is in the air but Supe still suffers from bureaucratic officials and greedy landlords. Find out as Haddis continues his ideal struggle in this wonderful but seemingly forgotten land. In this novel, Baalu captures the social and political realities of the time in a fair and balanced manner. A must read.


The story is cast during Durg’s large-scale operations organized to crash groups competing for power control. While turmoil shakes Addis Ababa, Derebe, the main character in the novel is torn between his desire to take an active role in the movement and his ever-lasting devotion to Hirut, the daughter of his former antirevolutionary employers. Can he be loyal to both? Or does he have to choose one over the other? Find out.


Sirak, the main character in the novel, is unable to be at peace. He is in constant conflict with himself, with people around him, and above all with characters he creates in his book. He strives to write while questioning the meaning of life and the reason for his own existence. Will he be able to find peace? Will he be able to deliver?


Often hailed as Baalu’s masterpiece, Oromai is an emotionally riveting novel. Although it is a love story cast in Asmara during a tumultuous period, it also gives the reader insight into the intractable war that occurred between Ethiopia and Eriteria. In this memorable and captivating book, you will find out why many readers agree that Baalu is one of the greatest writers of his generation.